…how the heck you can travel more without dipping into next month’s rent because travel costs an arm and a leg (and sometimes a kidney)?

Do you go through your days pinning your bucket-list destinations to Pinterest boards and stalking a bunch of travel bloggers on Insta, wondering how they get to be on the road so often?

I know what it feels like.

My bucket list on Pinterest used to be *yey* big (read: huge) and the only dream trip I’d gone on was the one in my head (cue dramatic + sad tune).

Now fast-forward to over 2 years later, and I’ve traveled overseas for a total of 14 months, visited 11 countries and 38 cities…yes, you read that correctly.

Imagine globetrotting…


…across the world in first class for a fraction of the cost or even for free. Imagine staying at the Airbnb of your wildest dreams instead of skimping on it because of ‘no dinero.’

My name is Alex and you can call me your magical travel hacking agent with the inside scoop on the travel hacks that have fueled 14 months of my travels in the last two years.

And I’m reserving that inside scoop just for you so you can get trekking tantrum-free to your dream destination, too.

And guess what?

I ain’t telling you to quit your day job and become a vagabond.

I’m not here to ask you to travel the world on $20 a day, freeload on a couch and eat Twix for breakfast that you found in said couch.

I’m not here to tell you that to make your dream trip a reality you need to “cook your own meals” and “take public transportation” or some other fluff advice we keep hearing “travel experts” throw around the internet.


My sole purpose for purchasing this little corner of the internet is to make you the travel aficionado.


Make you the person who knows where to find flight tickets at 50 percent off their regular price.

Make you the person whose photos everyone ogles at as they scroll through your Insta feed.

Make you the person that knows how to book free hotel stays in 5-star hotels because you fancy like that.

Contrary to popular belief, the trips of your dreams don’t have to cost the equivalent of acquiring a small country.


How you want to vacation is entirely possible. You just need strategy. And the inside scoop.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know what a “stopover” was starting out. I went from that to being able to:


  • fly business and first class internationally on airlines like Emirates
  • get upgrades to first class at a third of what they normally cost
  • stay in the bougiest 5-star hotels
  • feature my adventures and travel tips in publications like PopSugar, Thought Catalog, Travel Belles, and more
  • experience some of the most awe-inspiring moments of my life, like traveling across the globe to meet an enlightened master, riding a horse into the Cambodian sunset (romantic at heart), crashing a funeral at a Buddhist temple, and discovering some of the best Venezuelan areperas in the heart of old Montreal

By the way, you can do it without having a bunch of millies in the bank, a six-figure income, or a side hustle you’d rather not tell your mother about.

So, I know this is possible for you, too.

Ready to make your own memories?

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