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I love travel bloggers.

They’re like the extended family I’ve never met but always hear stories about.

And I’m talking about the good travel bloggers. The ones that’ll help you get up and go. If you’ve been inspired before to travel because of a blog you read online, then the blogger has added some serious value to your life.

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite top travel bloggers. They all bring something different to the table and each has his or her own unique style of traveling, seeing the world, and inspiring others.

Keep reading to see what how they can inspire you, too!


1. Matt Kepnes from Nomadic Matt

matt kepnes travel blog

Blogs About: Travel Hacking, Budget Travel, Backpacking

His Background: Matt’s one of the early travel bloggers from the late 2000’s and he’s got a bunch of useful advice to share with everyone.

In a 2005 trip to Thailand, he was inspired by a group of backpackers and realized he didn’t need to be bound by his location (or have a lot of money in the bank) to travel.

He started blogging eventually and shared his advice with people from all around. He’s even written a book on traveling the world for under $50 a day.

Matt’s also got a ton of city-specific travel guides directly on his site. I’m into exploring local destinations and love hearing about travel advice from people I can trust. If I were you, I’d look into buying your favorite travel bloggers’ guides first before bigger name brands (think Lonely Planet).

Why He’s Awesome: Matt’s one of the first travel bloggers I stumbled across online. I love his site because it’s not riddled with sponsored content (content that companies pay bloggers for in exchange for writing about their company/destination/hotel).

Some travel bloggers have NOTHING but sponsored content on their sites, and it feels pretty inauthentic (so much so that I don’t visit their blogs anymore).

His no-bs attitude when it comes to this motivated me to refuse sponsored trips in the future for Journey Grit, too.

I also loved his post about whether it was safe to travel to Europe. It was so motivating I decided to drop whatever fears I had and went there this past June (and wrote this post about travel safety). Inspiring people to travel is what travel blogging is all about! Kudos, Matt!


2. Geraldine DeRuiter from The Everywhereist

the everywhereist travel blog

Blogs About: Couples Travel, Life, Humor

Background: Launching The Everywhereist is the perfect example of turning a crappy situation into a positive one. After getting laid off from her copywriting job, Geraldine hit the road with her husband in his travels. The Everywhereist started after she decided to log their adventures.

She also wrote a book and it’s the perfect companion to her witty blog. Like any of her posts, you can’t help but read every word to the very end. I wonder if her ex-bosses regret laying her off??

She blogs a lot about her husband and their journeys together. They’re mushy and cute on her Instagram page and they’ll make you believe in love again.

Why She’s Awesome: Where do I begin?! She’s sassy, funny, and eloquent all at once. Most travel blogs have a pretty casual tone that doesn’t offend anyone. Geraldine kicks it up a notch with opinionated pieces and a voice you can’t forget. And did I already mention how much I love her book?

She also doesn’t write exclusively about travel, which changes things up a bit. Her blog’s fun to comb through and you won’t go a paragraph without laughing.


3. Aileen Adalid from I Am Aileen

i am aileen travel blog

Blogs About: Being Location Independent, Travel as a Lifestyle, Travel Hacking, Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Her Background: Aileen’s got grit. At 21, she quit her corporate job to travel the world. She didn’t have much saved, but she somehow pulled through. She started her travel blog back in September 2014 had huge success with it early on.

Aileen calls herself a digital nomad (someone who’s location-independent and does their work remotely, usually on their computer). Because she’s shown it’s possible, she’s inspiring a bunch of other soon-to-be digital nomads to do the same.

Why She’s Awesome: Oh, Aileen. One of my favorite top travel bloggers. And a fellow millennial. She’s a testament to how ballsy I think our generation is. When we want something, we just go after it and do it. She’s the perfect example of someone who plunges into the unknown and proves it’s not as scary as you think it is.

Her travel guides are beautiful and stocked with useful tips to make the most out of your next destination. And because she’s a digital nomad, she goes into detail on how to make travel a part of your lifestyle (like this post on how to stay fit while traveling). Mad props to Aileen.


4. Simon Fairbairn & Erin McNeaney from Never Ending Voyage

never ending voyage travel blog

Blog About: Digital Nomad Lifestyle, Couples Travel, Vegetarian Food Abroad

Their Background: Simon and Erin spent a year traveling across the world in 2008. When they got back to the UK after their trip, they knew they had to stay traveling. They sold everything they had, quit their jobs, and rented out their house to embark on an endless journey across the globe. How cool is that?

They’re both pretty active on their blog but in different ways. Simon handles more of the tech stuff, and Erin does a lot of the writing. Simon also developed this cool app that helps you worry less about money during your trip (it has a beautiful interface — check it out in the link!). Talk about #financialgoals.

And with all their experience packing light and traveling light, Erin even wrote a book on how to do it.

Why They’re Awesome: I think Simon and Erin were one of the first travel bloggers I found on Stumbleupon one lazy Sunday afternoon. I was totally shocked to read they were living out of their backpacks for years!

What’s also inspiring is they live a vegetarian lifestyle. I’m a vegetarian, too, and I don’t find many travel bloggers who blog about ways to survive as a vegetarian abroad. It’s super refreshing to know Simon and Erin do that.

Their food guides are awesome. They’ve made vegetarian guides for places you’d never think could be vegetarian-friendly, like Turkey, Jordan, and Japan. Yum.


3. Rachel Jones from Hippie In Heels

hippie in heels travel blog

Blogs About: “Glamorous Globetrotting,” Traveling India, Offbeat Travel, Luxury Travel

Her Background: Rachel left a career in nursing four years ago so she could travel the world. After being a nurse for 11 months in North Carolina, she decided the “real world” wasn’t for her anymore and chose to live out of her backpack abroad.

Her blog and travel guides are an interesting juxtaposition: rugged and glam. She’ll show you offbeat India travel guides one minute and a luxury to-do post the next. It’s fun to scroll through her blog, and you really get to see her unique personality shine!

Why She’s Awesome: I feel like Rachel Jones is my spirit animal. She’s a self-proclaimed “part dirty hippie, part girly girl.”

She also posts a lot about travel in India, which I think is awesome for a bunch of reasons (read my post about misleading safety perceptions here). She’s an expert in Goa after having lived there for a few years (Goa is a top beach and resort destination in western India, by the coast).

I love how accessible she makes solo female travel in India for her readers. I love India to pieces and it’s good to see fellow ladies giving it the good rep it deserves!


6. Lauren Juliff from Neverending Footsteps

never ending footsteps travel blog

Blogs About: Location Independence, Digital Nomad Lifestyle, Solo Female Travel

Her Background: Lauren’s been traveling the world for five years and counting. She loved traveling from a young age and knew she wanted to have a lifestyle that allowed her to be location-independent. So what did she do?

She saved around $24,000 USD within five years so she could travel full-time. But she didn’t plan on settling down. She envisioned doing her work online and busted her butt creating a framework for her location-independent online business.

Lauren’s another travel blogger who’s managed to pull off writing a book and getting it published. Her book is all about the downright bad luck she had traveling — and how she mustered the resilience to push through.

Why She’s Awesome: Lauren’s proved that you can still travel the world even with an anxiety disorder. She’s vocal about anxiety, fear and how it relates to travel. She mentions how traveling — the thing she once was afraid of doing — actually helped her get over her anxiety.

And like Matt from Nomadic Matt, Lauren doesn’t take sponsored trips. Her goal is to prove how affordable and possible it is to be location-independent, and taking sponsored trips would go against that belief.


7. Matthew Karsten from Expert Vagabond

expert vagabond top travel bloggers

Blogs About: Adventure Travel, Travel Stories, Photography

His Background: Matt quit his job in the fall of 2010 and bought a plane ticket to Guatemala (what’s funny is that the airline lost his luggage once he landed, too). He’s been traveling ever since!

Right now, he’s in Colorado, and it doesn’t look like he’s settling down anytime soon.

Why He’s Awesome: Matt’s another gritty adventurer. He’s all about adventure travel, taking risks, and living life on the edge. A lot of his posts are about conquering fears and not holding back when you want to do something (and if you need a way to move past your own fears, read this post). Plan less and do more is basically his M.O.

He’s also an amazing travel photographer. Not many travel blogs nowadays have really gripping photography, but he’s easily one of the few bloggers that have quality photos.

He’s funny, too. I mean, it takes some kind of wit to tell the story of how his MacBook got stolen in Panama — and what he did to get it back. Guess what the title of the post is?

“Operation Gringo Revenge.”


Things These Top Travel Bloggers Have Said

As if screenshots of their beautiful blogs wasn’t enough, I’ll leave you with their beautiful words, too.

Check out some of the things they’ve said about travel below. (And pin it if you’re inspired to travel more, too! 🙂 )

inspirational travel quotes top travel bloggers

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Your Turn

Didn’t I tell you these guys were awesome?!

Which travel bloggers do you follow online? What have they inspired you to do? Anything you wouldn’t have done before?

Let me know in the comments below.

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